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baking since 1999


Food Safety

We comply to strict guides when preparing and delivering food.  Once it is delivered it is the responsibilities of the customer to make sure the food stays fit to eat.

Follow these simple rules

Food should be kept at room temperature for a maximum of 4 hours - after this it should be disposed of or stored in a fridge until it is eaten.


 All food should be eaten within 24 hours of supply.


If you take left over food home -

Cold buffet food should be stored in the fridge.

Hot food (eg curries, casseroles) should be kept in the fidge once cooled (ideally within 90 minutes) & reheated  thoroughly until piping hot before it is eaten.


It is recommended that rice is thrown away.

Sandwich Platter  - £3.50 per person Buffet A  -  £5.20 per person Sandwiches as above H  Choose any 3 savouries from the list.  Plus a selection of confectionery and/or fruit. Light Lunch  -  £4.50 per person  Sandwiches as above. H  Choose any 2 savouries from the list  Plus a selection of confectionery. Savoury List for Light Lunch,  Buffets A & B Pasta Salad Bowls  - Serves 15       £16.00 Tuna & Sweetcorn (low fat Mayo) H Green Pesto, Feta Cheese & Pine Nuts V H Creamy Chicken & Crispy Bacon   Chicken & Sweetcorn (low fat Mayo) H £10.50  £9.00  £9.00  £12.00  £16.50  £18.00 Refreshments Fruit Juice   Various flavours   	                    Serves Approx 6  Sparkling Luxury Fruit Drink 750ml Various Flavours  Mineral Water  - Still/Sparkling   1.5 litre bottle  Cans of Pop - Various	Flavours £  3.95   £  3.95   £ 2.60         85p

Funeral Catering

We appreciate the importance of catering for funerals and our aim is to give a sympathetic, stress free and efficient service during this difficult time for family and friends


Please click above for a printable menu

All vegetarian food is supplied separate and fully labelled.

A Selection of our home-made confectionary

Just 98p per person.

H - Healthy       Option

V - Vegetarian      Option